La Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Samara
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Samara Region is one of the developed industrial centers of Russia. Region takes 2nd place on "production and distribution of electricity, gas and water", 4th place - on "mining", 5th place on volume of shipped goods "manufacturing industries".

On the territory of the region there are about 900 large and medium industrial enterprises and about 6 thsnd. small. The gross regional product of industry share contains more than 41%.

The industrial complex includes mining, processing and energy industries. The basis of the economic development of the area makes high-tech manufacturing industries with high added value: automotive, aviation and space production technology, which accounted over 25% of the total industrial volume of the region; enterprises with highly processing level: chemistry, steel production.

The most developed industries are mechanical engineering and steel processing, fuel and electric power, chemical, petrochemical and non – ferrous metal industry. Mechanical engineering is represented by an almost complete set of basic industries, among which the leading role belongs to the automotive industry. The share of passengers` cars produced by JSC " AVTOVAZ " in Togliatti contains more than 70% of the country's total car production. Specific weight of petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel fuel , fuel - oil residue, is 10-12%

Excluding the automotive engineering index of industrial production in the Samara Region comprised 100.2% compared to 2015. The positive dynamic of the industries containing more than half of the value of products are shipped.

As for the issue of a number of significant nomenclature units of the Samara region, occupies a sufficient part of Russian production. The region produces about 27% of brand new cars in Russia, about 23% of anhydrous ammonia, over 10% synthetic rubber, fuel - oil residue, 8% of the Russian volume of gasoline, mineral nitrogen fertilizers, plastics in primary forms, 7% diesel fuel, crude oil distillation, bearings, polymeric films, about 4% confection, 3% of oil produced.

Samara region is one of the leading places within the regions of the Russian Federation in terms of external commerce, has constant trade and economic relations with more than 100 countries. The main business partners are China, Ukraine, the USA, Kazakhstan, Germany and Turkey.

The main goods for export are cars, machinery, transport means, chemical products and metals.

So, for example, most part of aluminum and its products (bars, wire, profiles, plates, aluminum sheets) are supplied to the USA, Germany, Portugal, Ukraine; Ferrous metals and products from them - to Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey.

The bulk of foreign investment goes to the fuel industry, automotive, manufacturing, construction, mechanical engineering and steel production.

As part of the development of international trade relations, organizational and information-consulting work is carried out to assist Samara`s companies in entering foreign trade markets and searching for business partners to perform investment projects. The region implemented two state programs, aimed at the development of the industrial complex and the increased use of natural gas as an engine fuel.

The field of plant growing in the Samara region has potential to fully provide the region's needs in grain, potatoes, vegetables, fruits and berries, supply significant volumes of crop production to foreign markets, and make a significant contribution to strengthen the economy of agricultural sector of the region.

One of the key areas of agricultural field in Samara region is the accelerated development of the livestock sector and ensuring food security of the region population. Over a number of years, the Samara Region has maintained a positive dynamics of productive indicators in the livestock sector.

The Samara Region is one of the leading agricultural regions of Russia. The main area of specialization of Samara`s agricultural producers is the production of high-quality food grain, sunflowers, potatoes and vegetables, milk and meat. A special feature of the Samara agro-industrial complex is the availability of a developed food and processing industry that provides integrated processing of agricultural raw materials and the production of competitive products.

The market perspectives and investment potential of the Samara region was appreciated by such transnational organizations as “BALTIKA Breweries”, corporate group “DANONE”, “Nestle”, “Wimm-Bill-Dann” and others. They have placed their production units within the region and increase their business as well. The high level of consumer needs caused a significant increase in the influence of international business partners on the food market in the Samara region.