La Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Samara
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Samara region plays one of the most important roles in the development of the Russia’s economy. It is well known for its cars, aircraft, aluminium, bearings, electric cables, nitrogen, caoutchouc, chemical fertilizers and many other high quality products. Samara is also the center of the Russia’s space industry: space launch vehicles, satellites and unique aircraft engines are what it is famous for. The world known companies of Samara region are trustworthy and considered to be prospective for investors. Such Transnational corporations as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestle appreciated benefits of the hospitable atmosphere and found their place under the sun of Samara city.

Great industruial prospects, advanced infrastructure adopted for the innovations and highly skilled staff discover Samara as a promising region for its investors. The region is specialized in the manufacturing industry and has a developed fuel and energy complex.

One of the priorities in development of the industrial complex is the production of cars and car components. Today there are over than 300 manufacturers that produce car components and other products for OJSC «Avtovaz» and other car-building companies. It's also necessary to say about metallurgical production as a fast growing sector of economy. After the reconstruction of the OJSC «Alcoa Metallurg Rus» its manufacturing capacity  has grown up rapidly. Many unique large-scale projects are implemented in such aviation industrial complexes as SRPSRC «CSKB-Progress», JSC «Motorostroitel» and OJSC «Aviakor».
However, industrial potential is not the only advantage of Samara region. The vast part of its territory is engaged in farming and Samara is famous for this fact all over Russia! The area of all agricultural lands occupies 4 mln.ha. which is about 75% of the territory of Samara region itself. The farming organizations specialize in: grain, sunflower, potatoes, vegetables cultivation, meat and milk. Modern methods of farming along with the irrigation systems allow gathering good harvest.

Cattle breeding is one of the priority spheres of the region and famous for it's high growth rate. Favorable conjuncture of some agrarian markets with the help of the government makes cattle breeding a promising one for investors.

According to the main financial factors which reflect the development of the region, Samara is one of the five leaders of Privolzhsky Federal District. Totally tax receipts and the budget income have appeared to be higher then the average in Russia.