La Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Samara
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The Roman mythology describes Mercury as a God of trade and merchants, messenger and the intermediary between the Gods and ordinary people. And for this reason the staff of Mercury is the generally accepted symbol of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry; it symbolizes accommodation and harmony. So today all around the world the Chambers are well known organizations which purpose is to establish harmony in the business communities, settle all the disagreements between partners, provide the best cooperation between government and businessmen. In general it can be said that the Chambers help to create favorable climate in the society.

 Year 1918

Since the formation of the craft and trade as a new form of human activities people tend to come together to defend their professional interests. It was one of the main trends in society. Since Middle Ages the first institutions appeared to be the trade and merchant guilds. Nowadays they can be regarded as the precursors of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

In the beginning of the 20th century during the constantly growing contribution of the entrepreneurs in the process of economical modernization of Russia, the question of establishing the Councils of commerce and industry has gradually acquired the practical dimension.

In March of 1910 the bill «The Introduction of chambers of commerce and industry in Russia» was ready but the statute «On chambers of commerce and industry» was approved by the temporary government only October 6, 1917. The document contained the main goals, missions and the authority of the chambers in Russia.

The sound geographical location of Samara allowed Ural and Donbass regions to be the main suppliers of ferrous metals that resulted in the uprise of the numerous large-scale mechanical engineering and metal working concerns. Toward 1917 there were 90 concerns in Samara including automated bakery and the grain elevator with the capacity of 126 mln. lbs.

The first references about The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Samara region are dated back to the July 1918 when the Soviet Government was put down by the united forces of the city rebels and Czecho-Slovak corp. of the Austro-Hungarian prisoners of war. For the next 4 months all powers were in the hands of the CoMCC (Committee of members of the constitutional convention). The aim of this organization was to restore the democracy in Russia. The Chamber of that time was gathering funds for the troops of CoMCC. In the basis of chamber’s statute were the main articles of the bill «On chambers of commerce and industry» approved by the temporary government. It is also known that the head of the chamber was Neclutin Konstantine Alexandrovich the famous manufacturer and that the chamber has its own periodical «Izvestiya of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Samara region» that existed up to the October 1918.

Year 1988

For the next 70 year only the chambers of the USSR and union republics were functioning. In the 1988 on the forum of the chambers of commerce and industry of the USSR it was decided to reform the chamber of Samara region. New statute of the chamber approved on the forum authorized the chamber to form regional business units and new chambers. Samara region chamber of that time was called Srednevolzskaya Chamber of Commerce and Industry and was reformed to unite Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Ulyanovsk, Orenburg, Penza and Saratov regions. Also on this forum the modern system of the chambers was founded and from this very moment new history of the Samara region chamber begins.

But for the support of the first chamber members, local authorities and vigorous staff there wouldn’t be beginners luck. Leaders of the USSR chamber asked Vladimir Nekrasov to become the head of the Samara region chamber. And it’s no wonder, by that time Vladimir worked as the secretary of the scientific and technical council under the guidance of Nicolay Dmitrievich Kuznetsov who was famous in all the USSR. For the first several months on the stage of reformation of the chamber Vladimir represented the interests of the Sverdlovskaya Chamber but right after the accommodation (just a 2 room flat) was presented by the government the chamber went live rendering translation and appraisement services and instilling base of the members. The first employee was Dmitry Ivanov now he is the head of the «Samaraexpertise». The chamber gained independence in almost no time. Vladimir Nekrasov says that luck was on their side. When it was clear that for the status of the independent chamber a building is needed it appeared that the regional party organization may offer the hotel of the regional executive committee famous for its VIP guests and a 100 year history. After a short reparations made the chamber’s staff moved to that building where it stays up till now. Right after the resettlement presidium of the USSR chamber decided to create on the base of the «Kuibyshev self-financing bureau of commodity inspection» Srednevolzsky business unit of the USSR Chamber of Commerce and Industry. From this moment productive work has begun. And at November 12, 1990 this business unit was renamed «Srednevolzskaya Chamber of Commerce and Industry». It is interesting that Srednevolzskaya Chamber was one of the pioneer organizations that stood for the removal of the “forbidden city” status from Kuibyshev. It was the chamber’s interest to remove this status, because its sphere of activity involved contacts with foreign countries, companies and specialists. And at last Regional Executive Committee by virtue of the Srednevolzskaya Chamber with the support of the USSR Chamber of Commerce and Industry make a petition which opened for Kuibyshev new opportunities for development.

New opportunities become available for the Srednevolzskaya Chamber of Commerce and Industry which soon acquired status of big regional chamber. The Chamber’s first members were such export oriented organizations as Samara city distillery, Machine-tool factory, «Strommashina», 4th GPP, chocolate factory «Russia», «Kuibyshev Oil», «Kuibyshev Nitrogen». Perestroika resulted in intentions of the regions to become independent from the center. The same situation was around the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The business units of Srednevolzskaya Chamber were reformed into the independent organizations and many specialists were invited to work in Samara.

The Chamber became socio-political center of the region where the up-to-date economical issues were solved, that allowed it attract the business community. First commercial banks were also using its resources and even their first business units abroad were opened with the help of the Chamber. Due to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry many companies of Samara region found partners abroad, opened their branches in other countries and participated in international exhibitions. Activity of the Chamber was always highly appraised by the government and business community. Many conferences were also hold here. Ex. Governor Konstantin Titov while being deputy took part in the conferences where he met many regional manufacturers and as he become the Governor lend a helping hand to the Chamber.

Years 1998 - 2007

Since the 1998 new phase of history of the Chamber begins. By the decision of the portback election meeting Srednevolzskaya Chamber of Commerce and Industry was renamed The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Samara region and Ardalin Boris Vasilievich become its leader. In consequence of the rapidly growing interest of the business community in development of the country’s economy the chambers of commerce and industry started to attract businessmen to solving up-to-date questions, formation of the socially oriented state policies and implementation of innovational management methods.

Chambers of commerce and industry are the world reputed coordination system between authorities, business communities and society. Chambers can resolve multiple business tasks that otherwise may be resolved only by the public associations. Towards 2002 number of the Chamber’s constant members greatly increased. Representatives of small, medium and big business from all parts of the region are now new members of the chamber of commerce and industry.

New branches of the chamber were opened in Syzran, Zhigulevsk, Chapayevsk. New large-scale activities including exhibition and trade fair were mastered. On the instructions of the Government of Samara region, congresses and economical missions The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Samara region received foreign business delegations, organized blue-collar job promotion actions, participated in regional educational and social programs, opened branches in many countries. The chamber worked in close rapport with the business community, public and scientific organizations. Specialized services such as appraisement, valuation, certification, and tendering processes were provided. Specialists were always welcomed in the chamber and many of them stay with us today.

Present days

At the present stage The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Samara region is the unique socio-political arena where the coordination between government and business community and joint resolution of the economical issues are performed. The president of the Chamber is Valery Petrovych Fomichev a man who made his way from a worker to the head of the enterprise and has a great managerial experience.

In 2008 the chamber celebrated its 20th anniversary that proceeded in the tense working atmosphere due to the current economical environment and extensive support of the regional corporations. The staff was doing its best to keep the economic potential reached by the region.

The most crucial event for the chamber is the visit of Eugene Primakov the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation to Samara region. It once again accented how the front office attentive to the regional chambers and how the development of business on the local level is important. Eugene Maksimovych took part in the offsite meeting of the Samara region Chamber officials on which the heads of the large-scale enterprises of Samara region military-industrial complex were present. The cooperation agreement between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Samara region and the ministry of industry, energy and technology was signed. Eugene Primakov commented on this agreement as an important step in the process of interaction of government and the business community.